Measure around the thumb at the base of the nail: 
Extra Small 2-1/4" (or less)
Small 2-1/2" (or less)
Medium 2-3/4" (or less)
Large 3" (or less)



The Thumb-Saver is designed to be worn under a roping glove. Before use, to maintain firmness and to conform somewhat to the shape of your thumb, wet the Thumb-Saver thoroughly. Then, rope the dummy extensively. You will then let it dry, do not use wet. Do not dry in a MICROWAVE OVEN. In hot climates when one perspires and gets the Thumb-Saver wet, let it dry before using again. LOOSE - NOT TIGHT, IS THE PROPER FIT FOR THUMB-SAVER. It is recommended that one have two Thumb-Savers and alternate the use of them. The Thumb-Saver should be replaced if worn or damaged.

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