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The Thumb-Saver (tm) is an innovative and much needed revolutionary new product that has just been introduced into the team roping industry. It is designed to fit under a cotton roping glove. It helps prevent serious injuries to the thumb when caught in the dally. The Thumb-Saver is a device that the team roping industry has never before seen. It was inspired by John Keene, former President of Five J Products, LLC, after losing his own thumb in a team roping accident years earlier. John explained, "Not only have I experienced the trauma of losing a thumb, but over the years, it is a story that I have heard repeated so many times and in all probability can be prevented".


Finally, good news for ropers who have lost a thumb, Thumb-Saver acts as an extension and helps compensate for the loss. There has been a real void in the development of safety products in this area." The roping industry has responded to the advanced news of this product with great enthusiasm. "If you're concerned about seriously injuring your thumb, you now have a new tool to help protect you. It's a great safety device," said Speed Williams, 8x World Champion.


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