John Hudson, JOHN HUDSON’S PRODUCTIONS, Ocala, Florida 

John Hudson told me recently that if I had come to him with the Thumb-Saver before he cut off his thumb in 2006, he would have been nice to me but declined to use the Thumb-Saver. He said he would have had the mindset that, “this will never happen to me” but it did. Now, “I tell everyone that comes into my arena to rope, you had better get yourself a Thumb-Saver and wear it.”

JOHN HUDSON’S PRODUCTIONS—trains horses, produces team roping events and teaches team roping in the Ocala, Florida. John is a #7 heeler and a #6 header. 


Alicia Stockton, Screven, GA

SAVE your THUMB!  I lost my thumb in January of this year roping in the practice arena, and I was NOT wearing a Thumb-SaverTM. 

I am a #4 header and former member in the Florida High School Rodeo Association and currently on the Hill Junior College Rodeo Team in Texas. I have now returned to roping and I can assure you I use the Thumb-SaverTM when I rope, both in the practice arena and in competition. 

I urge the NHSRA to seriously consider recommending the Thumb-SaverTM as a safety device for all NHSRA team ropers so no other member will have to go through what I have experienced.


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