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John Hudson, JOHN HUDSON’S PRODUCTIONS, Ocala, Florida 

John Hudson told me recently that if I had come to him with the Thumb-SaverTMbefore he cut off his thumb in 2006, he would have been nice to me but declined to use the Thumb-SaverTM. He said he would have had the mindset that “this will never happen to me,” but it did. “Now I tell everyone that comes into my arena to rope, you had better get yourself a Thumb-SaverTM, and wear it.”

JOHN HUDSON’S PRODUCTIONS—trains horses, produces team roping events and teaches team roping in the Ocala, Florida area…John is a #7 heeler and a #6 header. 


Justin Johnson, Live Oak, FL 

I am the former Student President competing in team roping and calf roping in the Florida High School Rodeo Association. I am a #8 heeler and am currently on the University of Southern Arkansas College Rodeo Team where I won the team roping saddle for the Ozark region.

I have used the Thumb-Saver since November 2006 and it has been an important part of my roping ever since. It does not interfere or hinder my roping whatsoever and I know my thumb is protected.

I strongly recommend the Thumb-Saver and the secret to using the Thumb-Saver, is to simply try it. 

Alicia Stockton, Screven, GA

SAVE your THUMB!  I lost my thumb in January of this year roping in the practice arena, and I was NOT wearing a Thumb-SaverTM. 

I am a #4 header and former member in the Florida High School Rodeo Association and currently on the Hill Junior College Rodeo Team in Texas. I have now returned to roping and I can assure you I use the Thumb-SaverTM when I rope, both in the practice arena and in competition. 

I urge the NHSRA to seriously consider recommending the Thumb-SaverTM as a safety device for all NHSRA team ropers so no other member will have to go through what I have experienced.